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Elisha size 24 tallit and bag

Prayer Shawl (tallit)


#2512 Elisha the Prophet 

HOLY LAND GIFTS ORIGINAL- tallit #2234 designed by Keren Teyler Made in Israel by Talitania  Size 24, 100% Wool  24" long and 72" around shoulders.This chocolate brown striped prayer shawl has the double flames.  The Hebrew Words on Crown say "Elijah went over to Elisha and threw his mantle on him."  I Kings 19:19  The flames on the four corners are made from the Hebrew words "Shema Israel" (Hear Oh Israel).  The Hebrew letters on the corner say "Let a double portion of your spirit be on me." II Kings 2:9  (English Hebrew translation card included) #2825 Elisha tallit bag